Sunday, June 12, 2011

Insurance Companies: Modern Leviathan

Oooo...there is nothing that makes my blood boil more than the mind spinning run around the insurance companies give you.  I feel so blessed to have medical insurance, but sometimes I want to scream at the illogical and incomprehensible way in which claims are dealt.

I have a theory that insurance companies have a triumvirate formed between themselves, cell phone companies, and elevator music distributors because of the amount of time you are put on hold and when you finally speak with someone, it is always the wrong department.  You then have to be reconnected, stay on hold again, bypass the computer generated voice options, speak to a human and then be told you need to speak to someone in a different department (pantomime head exploding).

My favorite experience dealing with the insurance company happened yesterday at the doctor's office.  The receptionist at the clinic was trying to help me muddle through the insanity of the insurance claim.  She called me over to the window in a hushed tone and began to explain....

She was explaining that there are sometimes exclusionary clauses for things that are not covered.  She lowered her voice, looked cautiously from side to side and whispered, "Things like anxiety and mental health issues..."

As much as I appreciate her desire to protect me from the public shame associated with anxiety, I wanted to scream, "I came in two months after having a baby.  My hormones were exploding out of my ears..... of course I was nuts!!"

Dear doctor's office lady,
Thanks for trying to keep my "shameful secret" under wraps.  I did not realize that having the baby blues was equivalent to being a modern day leper.

Dear insurance company,
If you are not going to cover mental health visits, then you better be willing to provide copay for happy hour.