Monday, June 28, 2010

Keeping them guessing...

People are absolutely shocked that BJ and I are not finding out the gender of Firebaby.  It drives them insane.  In this world of instant information, where facts lay at the touch of an "app" we have forgotten the joy of waiting.  There is a beauty to anticipation that our society has deemed archaic. 

There are very few sole moments left to men:

1.  ask a girl on a date (check)
2.  ask a father's permission to marry his daughter (check, check)
3.  buy ring/propose... etc... (check, check, check)
4.  walk out of the delivery room to a crowd full of friends and family members and announce, with pride and relief washing across his face... "It's a ________"

Each of these precious male driven moments are waning in our society.  I love that this precious moment will lie in the hands of my husband... to give him a moment to beat his chest with the ferocity of an ancient gorilla, claiming and defining his manhood and territory... Super Hot!!

PS:  Everyone has their opinion and bizarre method of determining gender, but according to Moses, the little old man we met at the Sealy Dairy Queen, we are having a boy.  He has a perfect track record of predicting the sex of babies... 12 children and 23 grandchildren.  Little voodoo man even gave us his phone number in case he is wrong. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Been a while....

So, it's been a while since my last post.  With the end of the school year and trying to catch up on some R&R time this summer, the blog has sorely been neglected, and to that I apologize.

It is summer time and I have the joy of being uber pregnant during the hottest part of the year.  With this joyous summer season comes the beloved Maternity Bathing Suit.  This is a tragic testament to the fashion industry.  Maternity clothes are likened to wedding planning.  Everything is completely jacked up in price.  Now, really, are you using that much more fabric to make a dress/outfit for a pregnant woman, however, the price more than triples, especially if you want to look decent and not like an overstuffed four sack.

So here is my solution.... I just refused to buy maternity clothes.  I just buy normal clothes but up two or three sizes... case in point... bathing suit... I just bought a XXL tankini from Target.  Same fabulous Target prices... more fabric for my dollar!!

Only problem:  With the increase in fabric over the tummy, comes the increase in fabric over the northern hemisphere.  And what seemed to be a large improvement to the northern hills early in the pregnancy, has been drastically shadowed by the ever expanding equator.  Therefore, I must strategically square my shoulders and carefully bend over in order to avoid the inevitable "fallout" that may occur.  It is a very fine balance in keeping the basketball tucked away as well as the tennis balls all at the same time.