Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fears of a Mad Woman

So, I have always known I worried, but I did not realize how ridiculous my fears were until I got married.

Example #1:  The other night I was freaking out that our baby might not be healthy.  Well, that sounds pretty normal right? WRONG!  My fear was that our baby might not have a head.  Really?  In the words of my sweet husband, "Really?  Out of all the fears.. yes, lets worry about that one!"

Example #2: So I was at aerobics thinking I am cool for being a preggie and doing so many reps (I am super cool by using tough gym terms like "reps") and the instructor starts to do Jumping Jacks.  Now, normal fears might be "How many can I do?" or "How high should I let my heart rate get?".  No, my fear was "Will the baby fall out onto the floor if I spread my legs that far?"  RIDICULOUS

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet Dreams?

So... no one told me that the sleepless nights would begin BEFORE the baby arrives. This would have been helpful to know. I would have been accumulating sleeping hours like roll-over minutes to ensure that I could be well rested. But, no.. there are no hours backlogged for me to draw from.

All the "specialists" from the pregnancy books I have been reading are talking about how I should not sleep on my back. OK.. I can do that. But then you read farther and it talks about how the baby will put pressure of your vital arteries and cause all sorts of issues. Well, I did not need to read that. As a self-proclaimed worry wort (who am I kidding... everyone within a 10 mile radius is aware of my tendency to magnify fear) I start thinking my head will explode if I sleep on my back. But here is the challenge.. How much conscious control do we have over our actions when we sleep? If we did, I would look like Sleeping Beauty with my hair lightly falling over my shoulders and my hands clasped primly across my chest, instead of the Wicked Witch sleeping off a night of binge drinking. So in the middle of the night I will wake up (probably to take one of my marathon trips to the loo) and find myself.... dun dun dun... on my back. Great.. now I am wide awake, awaiting the inevitable head explosion.

This would not be a problem if I did not sleep on my back in a Dracula-esque coffin style. Should have learned to sleep on my side while saving up hours in my sleep bank. Lesson Learned..