Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Arch Nemesis: Maternity Bathing Suit

Oh... there are so many joys to having a baby due in August.  I get to enjoy the theraputic heat of a Texas summer.  I get to experience sweat tricking down my tummy.  I get to wear nothing but flip flops because my feet and toes will start to resemble sausages.... and I get to squeeze in a maternity bathing suit.

Problem #1:  What size suit to I buy right now at 7 months, knowing that there are three more months of summer to grow enormous.
Problem #2:  Some stores put the maternity section right next to the large lady section.  The unsuspecting shopper may accidentally stroll into the wrong section and start trying on bathing suits with cup sizes as big as my head.
Problem #3:  Stores that specialize in maternity clothing take this special opportunity to charge you an arm and a leg for an over-sized trash bag that will last you only 3 months.
Problem #4:  Department stores/Target/Old Navy etc.. have such an extensive selection of bathing suit options that one's head might spin trying to choose between the TWO suits in the store.
Problem #5:  If you thought looking at your rear end in a regular bathing suit each summer in the dressing room of your favorite local store is fun, just wait until you view the ever widening hind end of expanding baby hips.

Those of us looking for a cute bathing suit that will not make us look like we are wearing our grandmother's bathing suits from the 1920s are in for a treat, however.  We do have an option.  We can shop in the regular bathing suit section and simply buy an XL bathing suit.  There is nothing better for one's self esteem than swallowing your pride and walking up to the check out line with your XL bathing suit.

Thank goodness for a precious husband who had three types of flowers waiting for me at home when I walked through the door, ending this esteem destroying odyssey.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Preview to Mommyhood

Lately I have been really struggling with clumsiness.  Everyone says it is normal, but... come on people.  I run into things.  I lose my balance. Stuff drops out of my hands unexpectedly.  The last is the worst.  It never fails that every time I eat anything, a large glob of the latest culinary surprise am eating falls right out of my hands and onto my front.

Unfortunately, my front has expanded slightly, therefore there is more surface area to catch these special morsels.  Before, food would just plop right onto the table.. but.. now there is this large bulbous volleyball catching everything.

I will be walking around work, or church hours after my lunch and will catch a glimpse of my front and see the tell-tale sign of my butterfingers, usually right in the middle of my tummy.  Lovely!!

This is just getting my ready for baby throw-up, spit-up, baby food and breast milk.  Hmmm, can't wait!!