Friday, April 29, 2011

Sign Language

There are certain activities I have always dreamed of doing with my child.... not just dreamed of, but had this misplaced expectation that I would be amazing at it.  One of those is sign language.  I had these visions of feeding my child, and communicating back and forth about our need and emotions; we would be walking down the street and sign back in forth about the birds and dogs that we encountered. 

Reality check... I suck at sign language... why did I think that it would be something I at which I would excel when I barely passed high school Spanish class? 

This beautiful interchange of communications was quickly shattered.  Instead of learning the sign for "more" when we are eating, my son just likes to slap the spoon out of my hand in his excitement.  Instead of signing "finished" when he has had enough food and is satiated, he spits the remainder of what is in his mouth right into my face, very often getting in my eye. 

I hope my child will not be stunted by my sign language incompetence... but, guess what.... my mom never signed to me, and I somehow learned to communicated.  So.... lets see how this unfolds.  Hopefully I have not scarred my child and kept him from getting into Harvard.

1 comment:

  1. Give it time. He's still young. Gracie didn't learn sign language until she was a bit older. We only got as far as more, please and all done. She still signs for more when she really loves something she is eating.