Monday, May 30, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Getting your child out of bed in the morning is like a treasure hunt.  You never know what little treat is in store for you. 

Sometimes, it is the array of stuffed animals and pacifiers that litter the ground around his crib.  It's as if he was on a sinking ship and he threw out any non essential items in order to lighten the weight of the ship.

Other times, my little Picasso has created a new "print" on his sheets in poop.

But my favorite surprises are the little treasures I find in his jammies.  Frequently, I will find a pacifier or two lodged somewhere inside his footed pajamas. 

But, my favorite has to be the gem I discovered the other morning....  I had fed Colton and was in the process of changing his pajamas, when, lo and behold.... a quarter fell out.  Now, I know my kid has a million dollar smile, but I had no idea he could make change.  The best I can figure, is that during the wash, a coin became lodged in the foot part of the pajama.  Some magicians can pull coins out of their ears, but my boy can pull a quarter out of his foot!!

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